Parts & Upgrades

GY6-50 Stainless performance exhaust

GY6-50 Stainless performance exhaust system. Looking for a nice exhaust system that performs well too? Glass pack stainless system gives you the top end power and custom sound you want. Comes complete with head-pipe and mounting hardware. Fits Chinese four stroke 139qmb 1P39qmb

Variator Sliders

These are probably the best bang for the buck if your still using those old round rollers in your variator. These will spread the load pressure to help broaden the range of variations as sticking is greatly reduced. So in the end, you will get the performance of a lighter and heavier weight roller, in one package, and last longer to boot. Just as good as Dr. Pulley, but much better price. These come in 4g, 5g, and 6g now. Lighter weight give you more engine revs.

80cc Upgrade Kit

Along with this full upgrade kit which includes : new Piston with rings , New Cylinder , New Head .... By adding this kit to your 50cc Moped you will gain 8-10 MPH but the torque for going up hills is outstanding !! you will notice that you use less than 50% throttle for normal use.

Picture of a 0cc and a 80cc cylinder

This kit is not street legal . The increased power does not necessarily mean you give up gas mileage ... where you used to have to run full throttle all the time to maintain speed with this up grade you will run 40%-50% on average to obtain the same speeds. The biggest advantage of this kit is going up hills , with the added torque hills are virtually unnoticed.

Picture of a new 80cc piston and a old 49.5cc piston

And Much More

We also have no rev limit CDI boxes, Carburetors & Carburetor Jets, High Performance Mufflers,HP Variators , Variator rollers & Sliders,performance Gears for the transmission hottest item  .... just to name a few things to get you going !!!!